A possible alternative to MBA 590 w/ Professor Michael Popowits

Since my first semester at UIC, I have heard nothing, but good things about Professor Michael Popowits' Improv and Leadership course. While I consider myself a somewhat outgoing person depending on the occasion, I knew that taking Improv and Leadership would only help me in increasing my level of comfort in dealing with social, and most importantly professional networking, situations.  

Going into my second semester, I wanted to make it a point to add MBA 590, Improv and Leadership, to my Spring 2014 schedule. When I sat down to create my Spring 2014 schedule, I realized I would have a conflict between MBA 590 and ECON 520; unfortunately ECON 520 won the conflict. I was disappointed, but we make difficult decisions all the time, so I knew I would have to get over it. Then the greatest thing occurred, during a meeting with Jeff Wilson, I mentioned the results of my scheduling conflict and he informed me that I may have another option available. It turns out, Professor Popowits teaches an undergraduate version, ACTG 420, of Improv and Leadership, and he holds about 5 seats in one of his undergraduate sections for graduate students.  

With this new information, I quickly emailed Professor Popowits to find out if any seats were still available, and there were! Needless to say, I registered as soon as possible. And, now I'm having a, "Have your cake and eat it too," moment.  

I would suggest to you, if like me you're faced with a similar scheduling conflict, to look into ACTG 420, you may also be able to have a, "Have your cake and eat it too," moment.  

If you're wondering if Improv & Leadership with Professor Popowits is a good investment, I would like to also suggest you take a look at MBA 590 w/ Michael Popowits: A Life-Changing Experience.

Professor Michael Popowits (left) during an improv exercise at Fall 2013 New Student Orientation.