​MBA 590 Options for Second Half of Spring Semester

Two-credit courses offer an excellent way to try topics that interest you or to explore fields that you are curious about.  A few spaces remain in several of the eight-week MBA courses that begin the week of March 9.

If you are looking for a course that integrates the elements of a business and explores strategic direction, MBA 500 Corporate Strategy, could be for you.  If you are in your first year of study and enjoyed the case competition during orientation (or if you found it daunting), this is a way to develop the skills you will need for strategic management

MBA 500 Corporate Strategy –Instructor:  Betsy Hill         Scheduled:   Monday 6:00 – 8:30

Analysis of major strategic decisions affecting the long-term performance of a firm and its ability to sustain competitive advantage.


Curious about the implications of Big Data?  Here’s a course to introduce you to what all the excitement is about.

Managing Enterprise Data & Analytics  - Instructor:  Kyle Cheek  Scheduled:  Wednesday 6:00 – 8:30. 

Enterprises are increasingly turning their attention from the capture and maintenance of business data to a focus on very sophisticated analysis of that data. This shift is motivated by a belief that the vast quantities of data created through transactional, operational, web, and other sources contains valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and new operational efficiencies. This course will provide a survey of the emerging practice of business analytics, covering topics including: business data, its sources, its potential, and its challenges; a comparative view of analytic practices and maturity across industries; and critical considerations in the management of analytics within a business.


For those interested in healthcare and entrepreneurship, Dr. Ronald Kirschner, president of Heartland Angels, shares his vast experience starting companies in the healthcare field.  For those interested in how venture capital works, this course offers a primer in the field.

The Venture Process.  Instructor:  Ronald L. Kirschner, MD.  Monday 6:00 – 8:30

Examines investment strategies, structures and policies in the venture capital process. Students in this course will explore the following:  the process, sourcing and screening of deals; evaluating a business opportunity; valuation and the term sheet; due diligence and investing’ monitoring, exit and returns.  Students should have completed the core accounting, finance and marketing courses before enrolling.