Work hard. Play hard. In addition to studying, working, and bringing finance and marketing related companies and professionals to the University of Illinois at Chicago, Liautaud Graduate School of Business, the part-time and full-time MBA candidates of GFIN (Graduate Finance Interest Network) and GMARK (Graduate Marketing Association) enjoy spending time with one another.

These pictures are from the GFIN/GMARK Social at Vintage Lounge.

GFIN MembersAlan Leon and Maggie WangGFIN/GMARK Social
Karel Sorgeloos, Jason Settle, and Gabriel Granillo enjoying the GFIN/GMARK Social.Alan Leon (GFIN President) and Maggie Wang celebrating the end of midterms.GFIN/GMARK Midterm Social.

Graduate school can be rigorous and demanding, and it's important to take a moment to enjoy the journey.

Jie Shen, Milton Zhinin, Alan LeonGFIN/GMARK Social 2Dan Wysocki, Adrian Schnobrich
Jie Jie Shen, Milton Zhinin, and Alan Leon (GFIN President).GFIN and GMARK co-mingling.Dan Wysocki (GFIN Corporate Liaison) discussing 2nd GFIN Investment Portfolio Challenge with Adrian Schnobrich, Michael Vanderkoon and Stan Orszula.

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