UIC Business Welcomes Alanna O'Connor, Assistant Dean for Student Recruitment

UIC Business wants incoming students to build their careers on solid ground, which is why special attention is devoted to prospective students, so that even before matriculation, they have strong connections with faculty, current students, and the university’s array of career resources. “There is a network of support at UIC and in the business college made up of people who care and are invested in your success,” says Alanna O’Connor. O’Connor is the new Assistant Dean for Student Recruitment at... read more

Brian Boyenga and the Career Paths Through UIC Liautaud

Do you have questions about a graduate business degree from UIC Liautaud? We have admissions counselors on standby ready to discuss your education and career. In this post, I’ll introduce one of our newest Graduate Admissions Counselors, Brian Boyenga. Brian Boyenga came to UIC Liautaud from Luverne, Minnesota by way of Minneapolis and two other admissions offices. “I grew up on a 100-year-old family farm outside of Luverne,” he says. “My parents still live there, and I enjoy visiting and... read more

How to fund your graduate degree

Ready to start grad school, but unsure how to pay for it? If you are considering starting a masters program, you may be asking yourself how you will be able to afford it. Many applicants and new students often ask us about assistance with tuition, or ways they can pay for their graduate degree program. We offer a few different ways to help fund your education. Here is our guide to scholarships, assistantships, and loans to help you get started. Scholarships The Liautaud Graduate School of... read more

Student Ambassador Spotlight: Christian Guerrero

We recently caught up with Christian Guerrero, a full-time MBA student at UIC Liautaud and a student ambassador within UIC Business. Christian told us a little about why he came to Liautaud and what advice he has for prospective MBA students. What prompted you to return to school for an MBA? I studied management in undergrad, and throughout all of college I worked for a circuit board manufacturer. When I graduated, it just so happened that the opportunities with my employer beat out everything... read more

Student email communication: reining in the unprofesh

Many of us develop our first professional relationships in college, and all UIC students, whether or not they realize it, have professional relationships by default: their relationships as students to UIC faculty and staff. For some students, these relationships involve a transition to more professional styles of communication. “Students underestimate what’s at stake in email communication,” says UIC Business professor Bill Kohler. “They forget that they trade in goodwill when they write and... read more

Top 5 Tips for International Applicants

As the February 15 deadline approaches for Fall 2016 International applicants, our admissions staff are processing a deluge of applications. Here are some tips to help your application through the process. Two parts to the application The application consists of the UIC Liautaud application (Apply Yourself), the UIC Supplemental application (University application) and the $70 application fee. When you are directed to the UIC Supplemental application, this is treated as a separate account.... read more

Do's & Don'ts: Freshman Year First Semester

Do's ​​​Do explore different majors, Chicago and who you are. Your next few years depend on the type of choices you make and who you become. It is time for you to explore and learn more about yourself. If you came with a major, is that really what you want to do? Do you know what type of work you will be doing once you graduate? Do you know which classes you need to take beyond the core classes? Below are a few questions you can ask yourself. You might not know all the answers, but by asking the... read more

Experience Liautaud in Action!

What does a typical day of a graduate student at Liautaud look like? If you are thinking of applying for a masters program, we encourage you to register for a class visit to experience Liautaud in Action! This class visit can help you understand the culture, give you the opportunity to learn from current students, and discover if Liautaud is the right fit for you. We have a variety of class visits being offered this semester including accounting, economics, finance, management, and more. View... read more

Applying for Fall 2015? Want your application to get through the Admissions pipeline faster? Read about our Admissions procedures here!

Our Fall 2015 applications are already pouring in and the Fall 2014 term hasn’t even ended! The Admissions team wants to make sure that applicants know all of the Admissions instructions, so applications are processed quickly. You can begin your application now at You will create an account with a username and password so that you can return to work on your application at a later time, if needed. For students looking to re-apply, please create a new account by using a new email... read more

A New Addition to Admissions: Garry Cooke

In the midst of recruiting season we have been feverishly spreading the news about all the great things happening at UIC Liautaud. This fall has been full of information sessions, graduate fairs, and webinars. Leading the charge will be Garry Cooke, UIC Liautaud's newest addition. In October, Garry joined the Admissions team as Director of Admissions.  As the newest member to the Liautaud community, I wanted to learn more about Garry and his new role at UIC Liautaud. See what I found out!    ... read more

Attention PhD Applicants! New deadline for Fall 2015!

There is a new deadline date for prospective PhD applicants for the Fall 2015 term. The online application and application fee of $60 is due on December 15, 2014. You can complete the online application now. Our application consists of the Apply Yourself application, the UIC Supplemental application, and the $60 application fee. Please note, when you are directed to the UIC Supplemental application, you will have to create a new user account since this a different system. You must submit... read more

Admission Tips from an Insider!

As the Domestic Spring 2015 application deadline approaches, I would like to share some tips that will help you with the application process. The Spring 2015 application deadline for domestic applicants is November 1, 2014. You can complete the online application now. Our application consists of the Apply Yourself application, the UIC Supplemental application, and the $60 application fee. Please note, when you are directed to the UIC Supplemental application, you will have to create a new... read more

Fall 2014 New Student Orientation

The Fall 2014 New Student Orientation was a great success! This year’s orientation not a one, but two day event, starting early Friday morning and going through Saturday afternoon. After a warm welcome from Dean Mikhail and Assistant Dean Mary Clark, students rolled up their sleeves and got down to business. With four Professional Presence sessions, led by Michael Popowits, Richard Thomas, and Ranjit Souri, students had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with professional presence in a whole... read more

The Power of Immersion: Doing Business in Brazil 2014

The UIC Liautaud MBA program offers students exciting opportunities to gain firsthand experience about foreign business systems and cultures with two unique study abroad options in Brazil and Europe. This summer, five students packed their bags and headed to Brazil for a thrilling adventure. Students studied alongside international business leaders, developed an understanding of another business and cultural environment, and sharpened their global business skills in an international market. Our... read more

The New Addition to Admissions: Colette Armes

While the intensity of the Spring 2014 semester is behind us, things are just heating up at UIC Liautaud. This summer is jam packed with preparations for the welcoming of the Fall 2014 incoming class and the fall semester. Assisting in these preparations will be Colette Armes, UIC Liautaud's newest addition. In May, Colette joined the Admissions team as Assistant Director of Admissions. As one of the newest additions to the Liautaud community, I wanted to take this opportunity to find out more... read more

UIC Science & Technology Fellow at IllinoisVENTURES

          Philippe Kirschey         Full-time MBA Candidate 2015, Entrepreneurship and Management         Undergraduate Degree: Mechanical Engineering         Undergraduate School: Bergische University of Wuppertal, Germany           Career goal: President of CENTA Antriebe Kirschey GmbH           Organizations involved with: MBAA, Innovation Incubator                                      UIC Liautaud recently partnered with UIC’s Office of Technology Management and IllinoisVENTURES to offer... read more

Is Career Advancement at the Top of Your New Year's Resolutions List?

A new year is here---Learn more about UIC Liautaud Graduate School of Business programs by attending one of our exciting admissions events in January to fast track your goals.    UIC LIAUTAUD INFO SESSION – 1/15   This event will be a great opportunity to meet our admissions staff and learn about our four master’s degree offerings including our Weekend MBA program and the new MS Finance we are getting ready to launch!  Current student ambassadors will also be there to share their... read more

International Applicant Admissions: Insider Tips

  2014 hasn’t even begun, but we are already receiving applications for Fall 2014. International applicants have started early this year and applications are pouring in! Here are some helpful tips to help you avoid common mistakes in the process: You can apply online now. You will complete the UIC Liautaud application, the UIC supplemental application, and pay the $60 application fee. Please note, when you are directed to the UIC supplemental application, create a new account log in since this... read more

My Interview with a Kaplan GMAT Expert

Each day, I receive many questions about the GMAT from our applicants. Questions range from what types of math questions does the GMAT cover to what is the new IR section and how should I prepare? I recently sat down with expert Kaplan GMAT Instructor, Alyson Fitch, to answer all of your burning questions about this exam:  ----------------------------------------------------- CAROLINE: A common question I receive from prospective students I meet with is “How much time should I give myself to... read more

What Everybody Ought to Know About UIC Liautaud Admissions

This fall has been a very successful recruiting season. We are already starting to receive 2014 applications from across the United States and from all over the world. As I talk to applicants, one question that comes up often is: "What are some things I can do to be successful in the admissions process?" Here are my thoughts on this: 1) Do come to information sessions on campus or online. Information session attendees gain inside information about what we are looking for in the admissions... read more