Trusting your instincts.

Life is full of choices and sometimes, we do not know where those choices take us. How can we make one choice when presented with an array of choices?” Like most people, I get advice from my parents, advisers, professors, or sometimes from Google itself. I try to think of all the pros and cons of choices after getting advice from the people around me. Then I make my choice.

One of the biggest decisions that I have ever made in my life so far was choosing my college and major. I was accepted to UIC and a couple of other colleges. It was a big responsibility for me to choose a college that I could call my home for the next four years. After getting advice, I was still not sure about the choice that I made but I trusted my instincts and chosen UIC. The University gave me a lot of opportunities like the Business Scholars Program, and brilliant advisers that show us different paths to difficult situations.

Once Audi CFO, Axel Strotbek, said, “There is only one person that knows you best” and “that is yourself.” Remember to trust your instincts when making a tough decision. It will definitely pay off in the future.