Second Semester: Perfect Balance!

Now that grades are up finally up, the summer is officially starting. Here are some of my highlights and lessons that I learned during second semester.

Classes: The classes that I had this semester were neither too hard nor too easy. Most of my classes required me to keep up with them all the time. If I did not do my part for one class, then I will be behind in the class. Also, the fact that I had four classes in a row did not help with my schedule, but I found new ways to help manage my time.

  • Do not take classes in a row where you do not have time to eat your lunch!

Professors: Some of the greatest people that can give you advice on your career and help learn the material in more depth. Going to office hours definitely helped me to learn more about the classes. Sometimes teachers have some silly policies that we do not agree with like not rounding up .1% of a grade even if it means you will get a better grade letter. The point is that learning from awesome professors is more important than what grade letter you might end up with at the semester. 

  • Absolutely start going to office hours from the beginning of the semester.  You will definitely learn more about the subject and the professors’ work.

Student Organizations: It is definitely a place where you can meet amazing people that are willing to help you. Being part of student organizations allowed me to explore and learn about various things that I would not be able to learn in classrooms. 

  • Join a student org as soon as possible. Opportunities are endless!

On-campus Job:  It became my second home on campus. If I am not anywhere on campus during the day, I am probably in my office working. My hours are really flexible and my boss is really nice. Not only is it a great way to earn some extra money but it is also a great way to learn about work ethic.

  • If your schedules allows, definitely get an on-campus job. It is definitely worth it.

I hope all of you enjoyed your semester as much as I did. Have a great summer!