LeaderShape Institute Part 2

Read Part 1 here.

Day 4: Breaking down how to achieve your visions

We learned about how to approach our visions and how to right down or goals for the future. 

Highlight: Any activity that we did called "Star Power." This activity illustrated how my peers and I reacted to situations when given the options economically or politically. (To learn more about the activity google it!)

Unexpected event: The chaos of the Start Power activity. By the end of the activity everyone was outraged and perplexed by the results of the activity.  

Day 5: Learning about core values

This day was mainly focused on learning about ourselves. What are some core values that we build and lead on? When you are in a difficult situation how does ethical and non-ethical values come into play?

Highlight: Learning about how to deal when you are in Right Vs. Right situations.

Unexpected event: When you write down all your core values, you figure out what the one core value is where all the other values branch off. For example, some people's main core value might be religion or honesty and all the other values support that one-core value like respect, community, caring and wealth. 

Day 6: Staying in action

Last day at Allerton Park & Retreat Center with all the amazing people from all over the nation.

Highlight: Funny skits that all family clusters performed.

Unexpected event: All the motivation that we received from peers, facilitators and other faculty members during commencement.


Day 7: Today!

It is all about what we will do next!

I would like to take this time to thank CBA for letting me have this amazing experience that I will never forget. If you ever get this opportunity definitely take it. Even if you do not learn anything this will be a great opportunity to meet and network with students just like you from all over the nation.

Any questions or concerns? Email me at konduru2@uic.edu