If You Struggle With Scholarship Applications, Then Read This

Applying for a UIC Business Scholarship this spring? Did you attend the How to Write an Effective Scholarship workshop? If not, do not worry! Here is a recap:

The first thing to know, there are two different scholarships that you can apply for: Accounting Scholarships and General Business Scholarships.

Follow this link to find the CBA Scholarship Application:  https://uic.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_55cN6tkwYtPESsR

If you are an accounting major, email mwbryan@uic.edu for the accounting scholarship application link.

For both of the applications there are four main parts: Applicant Information (Name, UIN, Address, Contact info), Academic Information (major, minor, GPA, year in school), Financial Information (optional) and Essay.

Applicant Information: Make sure you enter your information as it appears on your UIC records. Do not include nicknames. Put the contact information that you use. For example, put your personal phone number where you can be reached immediately if needed.

Academic Information: Whenever you need to include your academic information, refer to you DARS Audit on the my.uic.edu website. You can find you total GPA, major GPA, year in school, courses that you have completed with grades, and courses in progress. To know your student standing in school, add IP and hours IN-PR. Freshman 0-30 hours, Sophomore 30-60 hours, Junior 60-90 hours, and Senior 90-120 hours. 

Financial Information: This section is optional. This section is dedicated to the “need-based scholarships, which are not based on academics but are based on the student's personal financial record with UIC.”

Essay: The most important part of the application. The essays are slightly different for the different scholarships. Regardless of the essay, read the statement carefully and organize your ideas before starting. There is a 750-word requirement for the essay. Have an attention getter that sets your essay apart from others. You want to make sure the reader is interested in reading your whole essay. Organize your essay into paragraphs: introduction, academics, personal statement and conclusion. Start early and have someone else proofread your essay. While writing your essay think about things that you do everyday. Are you part of student organizations? Do you hold any leadership roles? Do you have a job or internship? Any work related to your major? Do you tutor? Volunteer? Talk about anything that sets you apart but it is still related to your future. Here is the actual essay question:

“Tell us about yourself.  Please write an essay that covers the following areas.

Academic and Professional Goals:

What fields are you most interested in pursuing as a career?  Depending on where you are at in your academic career, please be as specific as you can be about your professional goals.  What are you doing to prepare yourself for your career?  Have you attended networking events, are you getting mentoring, have you engaged in volunteer work that will lead to a leadership role, have you faced any hardships in obtaining your goals and if so how have you overcome these hardships?

Personal Statement

Describe how you have demonstrated leadership ability both in and out of school. Please describe how you have contributed to the College of Business Administration at The University of Illinois at Chicago.  Include student organizations, community service, internships and extracurricular involvement.”


Finally, give your self enough time to write your essay for the application.The deadline is February 20 and best luck! If you have any questions, contact your adviser.