Down Memory Lane: Reminiscences from an alum after 22 years

In May 2016, I got an opportunity to visit my alma mater UIC after 22 years! I first came to UIC as an international student in 1988. I graduated from the MSA (Accounting) program in 1989. After working for 3 years, I came back to UIC in 1992 and completed my MBA in 1994. Since 1995, I have been working in India. I am now a professional practitioner and author in Quality and Knowledge Management. Through my company The CPi Coach, I provide consulting and training services in Quality / Business... read more

A Letter to Prospective Students

Dear Freshmen, Last year, roughly around this time I ever so clearly remember when I first stepped into UIC’s campus for my Freshman Orientation. Boy, they are sure right when they say time flies. Frankly, I never anticipated UIC in my future and I have to admit, UIC was not even on my radar as a life-changing experience, which was my college application process. Applying to colleges was a daunting task, and I applied to many schools, not sure which one I would actually go to. Despite receiving... read more